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Do We Really Have Bodies / GençYazarlar

dans_matematikkafe do we really

Do we really have bodies?

There is a growing belief to lose the body. When we look at ourselves, we see nothing but expressionless faces. Someone who can not express themselves using there body can not express themselves by talking. The same goes for emotions. So just allow your body, your cells, your trauma to talk. It's time to throw away the accumulated dust over the infinite possibilities of our bodies. The body is the only home we really have.

This method of study is about discovering and going beyond the boundaries of the body. We, as actors, can separate, from our fears, from our egos, from our traumas, from our emotions, from our judgments, from our truths, and from our identities.

My main goal as an actor is to be able to create a chaos in my body and to reach a living cosmos using the caused chaos. In order to create chaos, it is necessary to disrupt existence. Destruction, is the only way we can create endless versions. It is very important to allow the body, mind and spirit to give permission. Permission is only possible if the individual can get rid of all boundaries set up to date. We are obliged to discover our unlimited possibilities. That's why we have to get out of our safe spots and experience our most liberal and unlimited versions.

How is it possible to live without limits? To remove borders and to live our most liberal version? How do we make it possible in the region we live? What I will share with you today is the common product of everything I have experienced, learnt and felt on this journey so far. It will be a little trailer of my journey.

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April 2017

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